Business Owners

Use SafelyFiled to protect and organize key business records. Keep confidential documents confidential.

Use SafelyFiled for secure communications. Sending and receiving emails to and from your lawyer or accountant is like sending a postcard – OK for some things, but not for privileged communications.

  • Use SafelyFiled instead of encrypted email to communicate confidential information to the professionals you retain or to business associates

  • Use SafelyFiled to help organize your important documents, whether in paper or digital form, in one system

  • Use SafelyFiled to send automated reminders about license renewals, reporting deadlines and contract notice periods

  • Keep everything safe from theft, flood, fire and other natural disasters

  • Make sure you and your staff or family can always find your important documents – no more lost documents

  • Our patent-pending site puts you in total control of who sees which documents

You can use the best of modern technology to help organize your business even if you aren’t a tech expert. SafelyFiled was designed to be easy to use – by anybody!

What Is SafelyFiled?

It’s A New Way to Organize Important Documents

For Today: No matter how well organized you are, it’s still easy to misplace important documents you don’t use often. Upload your key business records and then upload documents like car titles, birth certificates, warranties, medical records. SafelyFiled's unique design lets you record the location of the original paper documents. And if you want, family members can easily find emergency documents like living wills and medical powers of attorney.

For Tomorrow: No matter how well organized you are, if you become incapacitated or die, your employees or partners (or your family) will still have to figure out what you saved and where you put it. SafelyFiled ensures your business can still run and important files are accessible by co-workers and those who need them.

SafelyFiled is the perfect place to store and organize all your business’s important documents online - safely and securely. Because even a small business can get complicated, the patent-pending organizational functions and simple display make it easy to stay on top of things.

It’s Easy to Use

No matter your level of computer proficiency, you’ll appreciate SafelyFiled’s “drag and drop” uploads and its clean, intuitive design.

You, a trusted employee or a professional on retainer can quickly set up your folders and start protecting key documents like organizational records, tax returns, buy-sell agreements and insurance policies. And giving secure access to those who need it, like a partner or an attorney, is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

And if it gets a bit confusing, don’t worry. Our help desk is there for you.

What about Security?

We are more secure than your own computer. We designed the security first and then built our system around it. We scan your documents for viruses before they get uploaded and stored. Sophisticated computer hackers have been know to take over personal computers and from there get access to bank accounts. We actually recommend that after you store your documents in SafelyFiled, that you wipe them from your computer so a thief can’t get to them. Think of SafelyFiled as a highly secure safe deposit box.

All your documents are encrypted in both transmission and during storage. And we know where they are stored – not in some nebulous “cloud” but at the highly secure Amazon Web Services facility in Virginia, with back ups in other secure locations.

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