Taking care of someone else, especially someone you love and admire, means assuming a responsibility that at times can seem overwhelming.

Whether you do this on your own or have siblings or others to help, keeping track of records and other papers is often a part of that care.

Let SafelyFiled Help

  • Use SafelyFiled to store and then easily find important documents like living wills, wills and medical powers of attorney

  • Use SafelyFiled to store, find and share medical and medication records, including care instructions for when you take a break

  • Use SafelyFiled to help organize your own important documents and those of the person you are caring for, whether in paper or digital form, in one system

  • Use SafelyFiled to remind yourself and others involved in the care about actions that need to be taken, like paying insurance premiums or reviewing financial or legal matters

  • Keep everything safe from flood, fire or simply getting lost

  • Always available, securely, from anywhere in the world

SafelyFiled is the one place where everything comes together. The control panel to keep track of, share and save everything that you file, store or simply don’t want to forget. Instant, secure access from anywhere, anytime. And only one place to remember!

What Is SafelyFiled?

It’s the Best Way to Organize Important Documents

For Today: No matter how well organized you are, taking care of someone else’s affairs can be a challenge and it’s easy to misplace important documents that aren’t used often. Upload documents like car titles, birth certificates, warranties, medical and service records. SafelyFiled's unique design lets you record the location of the original paper documents. And family members can easily find emergency documents like living wills and medical powers of attorney, whether you are available or not.

For Tomorrow: No matter how well organized you are, if you are unable to provide your care for any reason, the care can be continued by others because they will know where to find your instructions.

SafelyFiled is the perfect place to store and organize all your important documents online - safely and securely. It is designed for families and takes into account the unique nature of family dynamics.

It’s Easy to Use

SafelyFiled was designed for the average computer user. But in many cases, you may be too busy or have limited access to a computer. So we built the system with the understanding that in many cases a spouse, a trusted son or daughter, or even a financial advisor or attorney would be the one who helps takes care of important matters. With drag and drop uploads, mobile phone uploads and a clean, intuitive design, anybody can learn to use SafelyFiled in minutes. And you will always be in the loop. Our patent-pending system lets you or others you designate easily record the locations of originals and if you want, duplicate your existing filing system or the system of the person you are caring for. It also lets you and your loved ones send automated reminders about events like warranty expirations, license renewals and tax, legal or financial reviews.

Are you Sandwiched?

Taking care of both elderly parents and your own children. Many of us are taking care of our own children and our elderly parents. Use SafelyFiled to store your children’s important papers too. As they get organized to go to college or look for jobs, they need copies of important documents like birth certificates, transcripts and letters of recommendation and personal essays. Things get lost when they move to and from school or to a new place. Let them have their own folder in your SafelyFiled account – no extra cost – and they’ll have what they need when they need it.

What about Security?

We are more secure than your own computer. We designed the security first and then built our system around it. We scan your documents for viruses before they get uploaded and stored. Sophisticated computer hackers have been know to take over personal computers and from there get access to bank accounts. We actually recommend that after you store your documents in SafelyFiled, that you wipe them from your computer so a thief can’t get to them. Think of SafelyFiled as a highly secure safe deposit box.

All your documents are encrypted in both transmission and during storage. And we know where they are stored – not in some nebulous “cloud” but at the highly secure Amazon Web Services facility in Virginia, with back ups in other secure locations.

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