Secure Access and Online Data Storage

SafelyFiled takes all of the worry out of storing, finding, and sharing important life documents.

Secure Document Sharing


  • Choose with whom you want to share any document or folder. Give your children or spouse access to your living will or let your accountant see your receipts.

  • Give or take away access to your archive files at any time.

Secure Document Storage


  • Upload copies of all of your important documents with ease from your computer or smart phone and start to archive files. Or, have your insurance agent, accountant, or tax preparer upload documents for you.

  • Upload files up to 1 gigabytes in size.

  • Your documents are stored in a safe and secure location and always backed up. Even if you lose your computer or have to evacuate your home, your documents are safe.

  • The documents are encrypted and only you — and those to whom you give access — can see them.

  • We scan your documents for viruses and make sure infected documents can’t be uploaded.


  • Replace cumbersome encrypted email.

  • Send secure link feature sets up sharing relations to securely streamline sharing process.

  • SafelyFiled automatically sends your clients a text or email notifying them that they have documents waiting.

  • The SafelyFiled audit trail verifies secure access for when you sent the document and when your client actually saw it.

Document organization


  • You can set up folders in any way you like.

  • Organize things in ways that make the most sense to you.

  • Easily add meta data and notes to each document.

  • Your clients can add their own folders, making SafelyFiled even more useful to them.

  • Drag and drop from your desktop into SafelyFiled. With Chrome, you can even drag desktop folders up.

Document retrieval


  • SafelyFiled lets you search for any document or file saved within our online data storage based on how you named it, tagged it, or to whom it refers.

  • Let your clients find information about where they stored the original hard copy of a document.

  • Quickly print or download any document.

Sponsor clients

Sponsoring Clients

Your SafelyFiled account can be customized to fit the needs of your business and clients. After you become a SafelyFiled member, register as a SafelyFiled Sponsor. You can then personalize your account with your business logo. Every time a client shares their files with a family member, you will get free advertising!

Document reminders


  • Send yourself and your client a reminder to review a document.

  • Protect your family and yourself from forgetting files. Send a reminder about when a warranty is about to expire or a payment is due.

  • SafelyFiled's automated notification system lets you and your clients know when a document has been uploaded, so it can be reviewed.

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