SafelyFiled is perfect for professional advisors

Give your business an edge with SafelyFiled — set up a customized account with your clients’ key life documents. They’ll thank you forever.

SafelyFiled helps your clients get organized — and helps you stay involved in their lives. Get their documents in order with a SafelyFiled account.

Organization made easy

SafelyFiled is the perfect place for your clients to store their most important documents — stocks, statements, wills, 401Ks, pensions, contracts, receipts, everything!

SafelyFiled is easy to use and available from wherever your clients may be — a doctor’s office, meeting room, or vacation home. Both you or your clients can quickly and easily upload PDFs, scanned documents, or photos to their account.

Sponsor your clients

You can sponsor SafelyFiled memberships for your clients. When they login to SafelyFiled, they will see your logo. You can identify which of the client's folders you can view and upload into.

You can either pay for the client's membership at a reduced rate, or give them a referral which lets them enroll at a discount and pays you a referral reward.

Safe & easy access to key life documents

With a SafelyFiled account, clients can create specific folders that you, as their professional advisor, have full access to. You’ll be able to upload files for your clients, organize their key documents, and even set reminders for them.

Get started with SafelyFiled today

Give your clients the gift of security, organization, and peace of mind with a SafelyFiled account. It’s the perfect place to house all of their important — and confidential — documents.

Sign up for SafelyFiled now, and see how fast and easy it is to store key documents online, behind a super-secure login.

SafelyFiled is perfect for

  • Insurance brokers

  • Financial advisors & planners

  • Tax preparers

  • Accountants

  • Lawyers

  • Personal organizers

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