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Help Improve Account Retention With SafelyFiled

Show your clients how much more you can do for them than the online direct writers

  • Use SafelyFiled to upload and organize all of your clients’ insurance policies and certificates – in one easy-to-remember place

  • Use SafelyFiled to communicate confidential information – securely and easily

  • Invite your clients to use SafelyFiled for other important documents like wills, birth certificates, car titles and children’s immunization records

  • All documents in SafelyFiled, including appraisals and home inventories, are safe from flood and fire

  • SafelyFiled helps your clients (and their families) find their important documents

  • Keep your name in front of your clients – remind them it was you who helped them

Once they use SafelyFiled, your clients will think twice before switching. SafelyFiled was designed to be easy to use – by anybody!

What Is SafelyFiled?

It’s A New Way to Organize Your Clients’ Important Documents

For Today: No matter how well organized your clients are, it’s still easy for them to misplace important documents they don’t use often. Car titles, birth certificates, immunization records, insurance policies and warranties are often not where they thought they put them. SafelyFiled keeps track. And it’s a great place for that home inventory they often forget to complete.

For Tomorrow: No matter how well organized your clients are, if they become incapacitated or die, their loved ones will still have to figure out what they saved and where they put it. Designed for the average computer user, SafelyFiled is the perfect place for your clients to store and organize all their important documents online - safely and securely.

Bring You Service To a Higher Level With SafelyFiled – Become A Sponsor

Set your clients up with a SafelyFiled membership. You can either pay for their first (or more) year, or you can offer them a discount. Here are the advantages:

  • You can upload documents for your insureds. As a sponsor, you’ll have access to your clients' folders to upload policies and other important documents. And you can make sure key family members also have access to the files. Cut down on emergency phone calls looking for copies of policies.

  • Keep your name in front of your clients and their families. Whenever your clients log in, they’ll see your firm name and contact information, right on the top of the page. If you have a logo, it can easily be added. SafelyFiled can be branded just for you.

  • Automatic referrals. SafelyFiled is made for families to share. So whenever your client gives her sister access to mom’s life insurance policy or any other document, her sister will see your name, logo and contact information.

  • You’ll be an innovator. Your clients and their children are getting more and more comfortable with computerized files. SafelyFiled is the only service that organizes both digital and paper documents in one system. And for your clients concerned about security, just let them know that security is not an afterthought for SafelyFiled, but is the core or our service. Designed by a computer security expert, we built the security first, and then everything else around it. (Check out our security page.)

  • Your clients will remember you when it’s important. One of the most important and sensitive services many insurance agents offer is helping families and businesses when they really need it - after a car accident, a death in the family or a natural disaster. Your name and contact information on the top of the account reminds your insureds and their families that you are there for them.

It’s Easy for You to Use

No matter what your level of computer proficiency is, you’ll appreciate SafelyFiled's “drag and drop” uploads and its clean, intuitive design.

You or a member of your staff can quickly set up your insureds folders. And sponsoring insureds is as easy as 1-2-3.

And if it gets a bit confusing, don’t worry. Our help desk is there for you.

It’s Easy for Your Clients to Use

SafelyFiled was designed for the average computer user. If you sell personal insurance, remember that we even built the system with the understanding that in many cases an older child would be the one who takes care of mom’s or dad’s affairs. With drag and drop uploads, mobile phone uploads and a clean, intuitive design, anybody can learn to use SafelyFiled in minutes. Our patent-pending system lets you or your clients and their family members easily record the locations of originals and if they want, duplicate their existing filing systems. It also lets their loved ones know where everything is.

And if your agency deals primarily in business insurance, SafelyFiled is the perfect place for policies, certificates of insurance and payroll information. Your business clients will appreciate the 24/7 availability of all documents in SafelyFiled.

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