Whether you are on active duty, guard, reserves or retired – let SafelyFiled help you keep your personal and financial life in order.

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Make sure you and your family can always find the documents you need, no matter where your service takes you.

  • Use SafelyFiled instead of unsecure email to share confidential information with your family, your attorney or tax preparer

  • Use SafelyFiled to help organize your family’s important documents, whether in paper or digital form, in one system

  • Keep everything safe from flood, fire and getting lost in a move

  • Always available, securely, from anywhere in the world

You can use the best of modern technology to stay organized. SafelyFiled was designed to be easy to use – by anybody!

What Is SafelyFiled?

It’s A New Way to Organize Important Documents

For Today: No matter how well organized you are, it’s still easy to misplace important documents you don’t use often, especially if you move frequently. Upload documents like car titles, birth certificates, medical and service records, and warranties. SafelyFiled's unique design lets you record the location of the original paper documents. And family members can easily find emergency documents like living wills and medical powers of attorney, even if you are on the other side of the world.

For Tomorrow: No matter how well organized you are, if you become incapacitated or die, your loved ones will still have to figure out what you saved and where you put it.

SafelyFiled is the perfect place to store and organize all your important documents online - safely and securely. It is designed for families and takes into account the unique nature of family dynamics.

It’s Easy to Use

SafelyFiled was designed for the average computer user. But in many cases, you may be too busy or have limited access to a computer. So we built the system with the understanding that in many cases your spouse, a parent, or even a financial advisor would be the one who helps takes care of important matters. With drag and drop uploads, mobile phone uploads and a clean, intuitive design, anybody can learn to use SafelyFiled in minutes. And you will always be in the loop. Our patent-pending system lets you or your family members easily record the locations of originals and if you want, duplicate your existing filing system. It also lets you and your loved ones send automated reminders about events like warranty expirations, license renewals and tax, legal or financial reviews.

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