An effective way for mitigating risk and staying organized through cloud storage

SafelyFiled is a fast, easy, and secure system that allows business professionals and staff to upload documents for themselves and for clients. After documents arrive in cloud storage, clients are notified that new documents are waiting for them. It eliminates the problem of clients losing what you prepare for them. Try it risk-free with a 30-day money back guarantee!

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Have you ever sent your clients the document you've prepared for them in unencrypted email? Are you concerned that some of the documents should not be sent unencrypted because doing so might be a violation of HIPAA or other regulations - but encrypted email is too much of a bother for your clients?

Have your clients ever lost documents and you've had to send them replacements?

Would you like to know when a client has read a document so you can call to see if there are any questions?

SafelyFiled is the solution you need for mitigating risk

There are four important reasons for business professionals to use cloud storage through SafelyFiled.

  1. It enables easy, one-step encrypted communications with clients, something that is especially important when communications come under the HIPAA or other regulations. And, given the recent changes in Gmail, with Google sorting email for its users and putting it into tabs, SafelyFiled is a great way to make sure clients actually see all of the communications. (Think automated text messages to let clients know there’s something in their SafelyFiled folders.)
  2. The audit trail helps in mitigating risk by verifying that documents are available to read or download and whether or not clients have seen them. And with the SafelyFiled's organization system, clients can easily find their documents.
  3. SafelyFiled can automatically send reminders to clients, in text or email form, about important documents you have prepared or that your clients need to read or take action on.
  4. Encrypted cloud storage and delivery means clients can securely and confidently send documents to you anywhere, anytime.

SafelyFiled increases client loyalty

You can easily brand your clients’ views of their SafelyFiled documents. Your logo and message can be on the top right of clients’ pages. Since SafelyFiled was designed to let clients add their own documents, they’ll use it even for matters that you are not involved in – but they’ll still see your name on the page.

SafelyFiled raises your profile

SafelyFiled also increases your exposure to potential new clients. When the clients share their documents with their family members (e.g. a medical power of attorney with adult children) their children will see your name too. The same goes for anybody else with whom your clients share documents, like their insurance agent, physician or lawyer. Your name is right on top of the page.

SafelyFiled is inexpensive

At an extremely affordable price, it provides the secure communication and organization needed by business professoinals in mitigating risk. In addition, when you use SafelyFiled, you have a great excuse for a periodic call or account review.

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