A simple annual fee protects your key files

SafelyFiled is the one truly safe place for all your important life documents and memories — a place that can’t be destroyed, for the files you can’t afford to lose.

Start your SafelyFiled account today for only $48 per year (or $4.50 per month). You’ll be thrilled at how SafelyFiled takes all of the worry out of storing, finding, and sharing important life documents and precious memories.

Save money and sign up for a 3 year membership for $110. That is a $34 savings over three years.

Your SafelyFiled account lets you upload and store 1,000 documents, including photos and videos. Per file size limit is a whopping 1 GB! That’s large enough to let you upload all those videos you’ve been saving for decades.

Not ready to commit just yet? Try SafelyFiled risk-free for 30 days. We will refund your money if you cancel for any reason within the first 30 days of membership.

Once you've become a SafelyFiled member, consider becoming a SafelyFiled sponsor. As a sponsor you can pay for memberships for your family or clients at $36 a year. Or you can send clients or family members a referral code that will allow them to enroll at $42 a year, and we will pay you a $5 referral reward.

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