State-of-the-Art Security for your sensitive documents

SafelyFiled was designed with security in mind from the start so you can take advantage of the convenience of cloud storage without putting your sensitive data at risk

Encrypting data

SafelyFiled uses state-of-the-art encryption algorithms (AES and RSA) at the core of its security architecture. SafelyFiled ensures that your files are protected both when they are stored in our computers and while they are transmitted over the Internet. When you sign up, SafelyFiled assigns you unique keying information (like a secret code). That keying information is protected by your password.

Storage security

Every time you upload files into SafelyFiled, it ensures a secure connection by picking another 256 bit key to encrypt each file, and it uses your unique keying information to protect the file key. So even if a hacker could access your account data, he would not be able to make any sense of your files without your password.

Transmission security

All data sent over the Internet is encrypted and integrity checked using the SSL protocol. Thus, data in transit is protected against hackers who may try to intercept or watch your documents as they travel over the Internet. To ensure that the SSL protocol is not bypassed, do not proceed if your browser gives you a certificate warning when visiting the SafelyFiled web application. If that happens, give us a call at 888-686-3111.

Secure payment processing

Securely processing credit card information online has a unique set of critical issues. Rather than reinventing the wheel, SafelyFiled decided to outsource that work to Braintree Payment Solutions, LLC, a PCI compliant leader in online credit card payment processing. SafelyFiled uses Braintree's Transparent Redirect technique to ensure that your credit card information securely goes directly to Braintree's payment processing servers.

Enhanced authentication security

You have the option of setting up your account so an additional access code must be entered to log in. You can set things up to send this code to your mobile phone or your mail account. This means that an attacker will need access to your phone or email account in addition to guessing your password before he can break into your account.

Security vigilance

Security issues rapidly evolve. Hackers find and share new techniques every day. The security experts at SafelyFiled keep up with the latest security issues, and we hire outside experts to look for vulnerabilities. Bambenek Consulting did our initial vulnerability analysis, and we followed their suggestions for even greater security.

Feel free to contact us if you have further questions about the SafelyFiled security architecture.

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