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Consider SafelyFiled to help you:

  • Keep your manuscripts free of computer viruses

  • Keep your drafts safe from hard drive crashes

  • Keep your drafts safe from natural disaster, fire and theft

  • Securely store your drafts and completed manuscripts

  • Securely transmit your work to editors and publishers

  • Organize and find ideas

Your words are your creative outlet, what you share with the world, and maybe your source of income. They are important to you, your family and your readers. You have both a right and an obligation to protect them.

Hard Drives Crash – Flash Drives Go Missing

We’ve all experienced losing the last 15 minutes of something we were working on when the computer crashes. Usually, we say a few descriptive words to ourselves, (or maybe not just to ourselves) reboot and try to remember what we just wrote. But what if you can’t reboot because the hard drive crashed? Then it’s not the last 15 minutes, but the entire piece. That could be months of work.

Flash drives are great but have their own vulnerabilities; like being lost on the bottom of a purse or left in the pocket of a pair of pants what went into the washing machine.

Use SafelyFiled to save your work to a secure location. The facility we use is based in Virginia. It is backed up and even has armed guards. So no matter what happens to your hard drive or flash drive, you’ll always be able to get to your work.

Protecting Intellectual Property Is Not Just About Copyrights

Bringing a copyright action is expensive. It’s best to try to prevent the theft in the first place.

Did you know that email is not secure? Using email to get your work to an agent or editor is like sending it on the back of a postcard. Anyone who really wants to read them can. And if you are a known author, you may be a target.

Did you know that your hard drive might not be secure? New types of viruses can send your work to a far-away hacker or simply corrupt you files so that you lose what you’ve written. You can get these viruses by responding to fan emails or doing research on the Internet.

Theft isn’t the only way to lose your intellectual property. We’ve all experienced the computer crash where your last hour (or 10 minutes) of work got lost. What would happen if your hard drive crashed? Is your back up service secure? And if you back up at home or in your office, could one natural disaster destroy years of work?

SafelyFiled helps you prevent theft and loss of your work through vandalism, hard drive crashes and natural disaster. It dates and timestamps all uploads, downloads, viewing and other activity, so you always have a record of everything you or anyone else did with a file. Your attorney and agent will appreciate this.

Keeping All Your Ideas And Drafts Organized Can Be A Challenge

Whether you are just starting out or have a well-developed method to keep work organized, consider what SafelyFiled can give you.

It’s flexible enough to let you duplicate your existing idea and draft organizing system inside SafelyFiled’s secure firewall. And if you are looking for a new or better system, consider SafelyFiled’s tagging, note, reminder and search capabilities. It’s powerful.

Writing Is Also A Business

SafelyFiled can keep your royalty statements, contracts and other agreements organized and secure. No more relying on email, paper folders and your hard drive to store those important documents.

And with SafelyFiled’s audit trail, you have record of what you let others see, and when they saw it.

You Have A Personal Life

For family responsibilities, nothing works better than SafelyFiled. Upload and always be able to find your tax records and receipts, family immunization records, elderly parent medical directives and powers of attorney. Use the reminder feature to let you know when a bill is due or when a warranty is about to expire, even if it’s in two years. And with SafelyFiled, that reminder two years in the future will help you quickly find the receipt so you can prove when you bought the item without spending hours trying to remember when you bought the item and where that receipt could possibly be.

It’s Easy To Use

SafelyFiled was designed for the average computer user. With drag and drop uploads, mobile phone uploads and a clean, intuitive design, anybody can learn to use SafelyFiled in minutes. Our patent-pending system lets you, your family members or business associates get and stay organized.

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