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From SF4_1_7, revision 3565

Relation Between Sharing Roles and Permissions

Sharing Role View Print Download Upload Create Folder Change Meta Data Change Sharing Delete File Upload Reports View Meta Data*
Co-member** *** Owner's version
Sponsor **** Owner's version
Associate Owner's version
Authorized Professional Own version of tags

Note: Even within these roles, a member can further fine-tune permissions for each user at the folder and file level. The only restriction is, someone invited with less permissions (like a guest for example) cannot be given more than the default for that role allows. You would have to change the role to grant more permissions then remove the specific permissions you don't want.

* The role controls whether you see tags, location, refers to, and reminders associated with a document or if you see your own version of this data.

** Initially has access to all the files of the sharing member. With the other roles, you must explicitly add access on a folder or document basis.

*** Can delete anything.

**** Can delete only what they upload.

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